January 17, 2013

Norseman WA to Perth WA - 730km in 3.5 minutes

August 25, 2012
There’s no place like home…

I’ve now been on the road for well over 3 months and you may well be asking yourself when the heck I plan on coming home. The answer is “Probably sooner than you think!”.

Whilst I’m enjoying all this road trippin’, there are many things I’ve been missing about home. This coupled with the fact that I have a couple of functions to attend (including my 10 year high school reunion (which I’m organising (never EVER volunteer to do this!)) and my Dad’s 60th birthday) in September & October mean I’ll be flying home in around about a month. And while I’m there I figure I’ll make the most of it - there just happen to be a couple of gigs I want to go to, it’s my birthday and also it’ll be spring in Perth.

So, in summary:

I’ll be home for 5-6 weeks, from the last week in September to the first week in November…
And then I’ll fly back and continue with Bernie vs. Aus: Part II :)